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"Cookies" are tiny text files from our website that are stored on your device. These files are designed to ensure you get the best experience from our website by saving password and preferences, while also recognizing when you return, all of which will help us customize our website to better suit you.

All information gathered from these cookies will be analyzed, then matched with other data provided by you. The resulting analysis may, at our discretion, be provided to third parties, who, in turn, may use this information to provide advertisements you might find interesting.

If you do not refuse or disable cookies and continue to browse our website, you expressly agree to our use of cookies. If a third party's policy states that consent is a legal basis for their own processing of any such personal data gathered from our cookies, you agree to that as well.

If you wish to disable or delete any cookies already on your device, please refer to the relevant instructions on your browser or file management application. Know that in doing so, you will subsequently be unable to take full advantage of all our website's features, including those personalized for you.

The following list shows what cookies are used on our website, as well as a few additional details to let you know how they function.

Cookies Function/Purpose
session id Allows users to login, then maintains the open session depending on the "remember me" setting chosen.
_ga, _gid Used to distinguish users.
__utmz, __utmv
Anonymously monitors, tracks and analyzes website usage, including number of users, search terms used, referring sites, and other user-centric preferences.
__atuvc Tracks number of page visits.
__atuvs Tracks number of times the website has been shared.
Monitors how long it takes a page to load and reports any decrease in service levels.
cookiesenabled If set to "True", this will enable the appearance of the "Cookie Warning" bar or pop-up.

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