It pays to know your books inside and out.

One of the most important things for any organization is knowing where its money goes.

With a variety of advanced automated features, Ledger+, Golden Suntec's next generation Accounting System, will enable businesses to do just that - easily track and manage all their transactions.

Best practices and compliance built into one Accounting System

All financial information - from across multiple entities within an organization or even multi-instance data within a team - is gathered for processing. Filters are provided, enabling specific transactions to be easily searched, thus increasing user efficiency. Entries can even be loaded from external sources.

From tracking payments by clients, obligations to suppliers, to monitoring fixed assets, the system processes the basic and high level transactions and reports. Standard functionality on budget monitoring, checks processing, tax computations, governmentmandated statements and sales integration make for a comprehensive and systematic uptake of financial activities.

Data for Decision-Making

Data in the ledger can then be quickly gathered, organized, and used to generate the various reports that allow management to make the decisions needed to steer the organization in the right direction.

Financial Transactions

Ledger+ is capable of tracking payments - those coming from clients, as well as the ones an organization needs to fulfill. Monitoring fixed assets has also been made quicker and easier.

Profit-Loss Statement

All the revenues, costs, and expenses the organization incurs over a specified time period can be outlined, providing insight into the organization’s profit-making ability.

Utilization - Realization Analysis

This report will not only display how much time each project is consuming, but also the percentage of time resources are working to bring in revenue. This information will help point to the path yielding the highest profits.

Payroll Management

Keep track of your workforce, monitor digital timesheets, automatically calculate leaves, manage salaries, and pay staff electronically.

Simple solution to drive your business to the next level

Whatever size your organization may be, with the right software, you can understand your cash flow better and uncover breakthrough financial data that can aid you in deciding what's right for your business.

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