HR, Payroll & Timekeeping

Say goodbye to delays and human error

With HRCapital+, we offer a simple, safe, and highly efficient solution to all your Human Resource Management, Payroll and Timekeeping needs.

Keeping it simple

Our system interface is designed for simplicity, without sacrificing functionality. Managers will be able to see all that goes on within your organization, while staff can go about their duties - all with minimal training.

It's that easy.

Quick Employee Information Management

All employee files are safely stored and organized within our system. Information can be retrieved and viewed whenever it is needed, in a format that is easily read. Say goodbye to searching cluttered rooms or large cabinets for complex files that can be difficult to understand.

Time Accuracy

HRCapital+ can be integrated with biometrics and other timekeeping devices, ensuring spot-on attendance accuracy. You will know your employees' schedules, shifts, and whereabouts at all times.

Made Easy

Employees can file vacation or sick leaves in a snap, without the time-consuming paperwork. Managers can just as quickly approve these in real-time. Less hassle, with even less clutter.

Payroll Processing

Our streamlined system will allow you to process payroll, produce payslips, automatically calculate and apply taxes and other government deductions, as well as distribute accurate employee payment. Furthermore, all processes can be customized to accommodate businesses of various sizes, ensuring seamless compatibility every time.

Self-Service Portal

All employees will be able to easily access and check their personal corporate information - from attendance to payslips and more! Getting up and walking to the HR department to file requests, then going through piles of paperwork will be history!

Focus on what truly matters

HR and Payroll are complex enough on their own. To manage them requires a solution that not only streamlines processes, but also ensures accuracy while also being compatible with applications already in place. The faster and more spot-on the system, the less organizations have to worry about and the more they can focus on what truly matters: growing the business.

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