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Home & Building Technologies

GSS has been in the security and surveillance space since 2013. We are constantly updating our portfolio and keeping abreast of the evolving technologies to ensure that our clients get state -of-the art products at the best value.


Reliable Surveillance System that detects any suspicious behavior

Mobile Access Control that allows remote area coverage

Exceptional Image Resolution even in low light conditions

Broad Wireless Connectivity
Alpha Centauri
The GSS Alpha Centauri line is the premium line of our premium brand, where elegance, sophistication, functionality and cutting-edge technology come together in one superior offering.
With the GSS Polaris line, you get a product that more than adequately addresses your home and building technology needs. Security features, automation, aesthetics and top-of-the-line technology are combined into one powerful package. Rest assured that Polaris will get the job done where and how you need it.
The GSS Vega is our no frills package designed specifically to squarely meet your demands, giving quick benefit and basic coverage that serves as a preview of our brand's full potential.

Detailed account of all Financial Transactions

Useful insights on the organization's profit-making ability

High level Utilization-Realization Reporting

Centralized Financial Management Network

Accounting System

One of the most important things for any organization is knowing where its money goes. With a variety of advanced automated features, Ledger+, Golden Suntec's next generation Accounting System, will enable businesses to do just that - easily track and manage all their transactions. All financial information - from across multiple entities within an organization or even multi-instance data within a team - is gathered for processing.

From tracking payments by clients, obligations to suppliers, to monitoring fixed assets, the system processes the basic and high level transactions and reports. Standard functionality on budget monitoring, checks processing, tax computations, government-mandated statements and sales integration make for a comprehensive and systematic uptake of financial activities.


HR, Payroll & Timekeeping

Say goodbye to delays and human error!

With HRCapital+, we offer a simple, safe, and highly efficient solution to all your Human Resource Management, Payroll and Timekeeping needs.

Effortlessly be able to update employee's personal information, track hours worked, calculate wages, prepare payslips, and generate reports in real-time. Add in user-friendly interface and automated processes, and you get a system like a partner that will work for and with you - but at a fraction of the cost.


100 % Time Accuracy

Leaves Made Easy

Efficient Self-Service Portal

Sleek Payroll Processing

Complete monitoring of the Event Management Cycle

Secure and fast payment processing

Dynamic data gathering tools for both onsite and online registration

Easy to use layout planning

Event Management System

Events are a complex matter. Whether it be a simple party or a grand convention, there will be different people in charge of different roles. Such a setup may end up being prone to cases of negligence or mistake.

With GoldSun Event Management System (GEMS), control your end-to-end events activities with the least hassle and reduce time, effort and costs lost to errors. With its many innovative features, you are assured to be in full control of your event.

Warehouse Management System

Make the most out of your warehouse with Golden Suntec's versatile and cost-effective Warehouse Management System. Make the best decisions and stay in full control of your warehouse with real-time data provided by several key features.

Streamline your warehouse operations and take advantage of the integrated functionality on mobile RF barcode scanning, putaway and picking strategy, task management, cycle count planning and a whole host of other features.

Intuitive Order Management

Systematic Receiving and Putaway Method

Optimized Inventory Management

Strategic Supplier Management
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